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Mobile Grooming Policies

Every client will be asked to read, acknowledge, and sign that they have read the Mobile Grooming Policies prior to any grooming services being performed. Client will hereby entrust their dog(s) to Paws Peak Mobile Grooming for the purpose of grooming services.

Pet Policy:

Due to the nature of the grooming process, not every dog is happy about having a spa day. We will work with most dogs but if the situation becomes a danger to the dog and/or groomer, the service will be stopped. Failure to disclose any behavioral and/or aggressive natures will immediately terminate service. The groomer has the right to refuse service for overly aggressive dog(s) or any dog(s) that cannot be handled safely.

Health Policy:

We ask that any and all health concerns be disclosed to the groomer prior to service. If the dog has a health issue or is elderly, this needs to be discussed prior to service to assess whether the groomer will be able to accommodate the dog's needs accordingly. Grooming can be stressful for elderly dogs and the groomer will perform all grooming needs for the cleanliness and comfort of the dog, in styles that will not add any undue stress.

Matting Policy:

Excessive de-matting is extremely painful and not a practice that Paws Peak Mobile Grooming performs. If a client's dog presents with severe matting that is deemed too severe, the only safe and humane option is to do a complete shave down*. Severe matting can hide underlying skin issues and other health concerns. All precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of the dog but due to how severe matting gets close to the skin, irritation can occur. Since to get the matting off, the clippers have to go underneath the matting which usually means closer to the skin. This will cause a drastic change to the dog's appearance since the fur will be very short to the skin. The dog may act differently the day or two after getting shaved, since their skin is now able to breath and feel the wind/sun on them. The client is responsible for the condition of the dog's coat and will not hold Paws Peak Mobile Grooming liable for any adverse affects of removing severe matting.

*Additional fees may be applied to severely matted dogs.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment may incur a $50 cancellation fee that will be added on to a client's account. Extraordinary circumstances may have this fee waived at the discretion of the groomer.

Severe Weather:

The mobile van is considered a high profile vehicle, therefore, we are directly affected by the weather. If there is a chance of snow/blizzard, icy conditions, or high winds, we will have to reschedule the appointments for that day to another day. We appreciate any understanding from our clients!

No Show Policy:

In the event that we arrive to the client's location and no one is present, the appointment will be forfeited. A fee of $50 will be added to the client's account that must be paid before scheduling another appointment. After 2 consecutive No Show appointments all future services will be refused.

Appointment Times:

Appointment times are a general window of arrival. We ask to give us a window of 30 minutes before and after your appointment time for the groomer to arrive. As a mobile service our schedule can be subjected to interruptions and delays such as: weather, refueling, traffic, driving distance from last appointment, prior appointment taking longer than expected, etc. If Paws Peak Mobile Grooming feels they will arrive much later than the estimated window, the client will get a courtesy call.


Payment is due at the time of the service. The accepted forms of payment are: Cash, Check (made payable to Paws Peak Mobile Grooming), Debit/Credit Cards, and Tap & Pay methods. Failure to pay is considered Theft of Services and the appropriate action(s) will be taken.

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